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Aleksandra Kowalska


Full name: Aleksandra Kowalska

Role: Accounts Manager

Joined the Team: May 2008


Quotation: Test, test and test some more.

Browser: Internet Explorer

Software: Google Analytics

Introducing... Aleksandra Kowalska

Aleksandra Kowalska is the Senior Business Analyst at MintTwist. Aleksandra has worked as a Business Implementation Analyst on various projects around the world. Her services were used by major mobile operators such as Jersey, Manx Telecom, OniWay and CaymanOne. Aleksandra has a strong understanding of major billing, Customer Care and ecommerce systems. She is confident on both Oracle and Sybase platforms with sql, vax vms and unix up her sleeve. At MintTwist Aleksandra is primarily responsible for ensuring that the clients business requirements are met using the available technology and that project goals are achieved. This includes capturing and gathering business objectives that a client sets and performing comprehensive testing on the products delivered by MintTwist in order to optimise customer satisfaction.

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