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Colin Cheng


Full name: Colin Cheng


Role: Web Marketing Co-ordinator

Joined the Team: December 2010


Quotation: 화이팅! (Hwaiting!; Korean for 'you can do it!'; literally - fighting!)

Browser: Firefox 4

Software: Advanced Web Ranking, Photoshop CS5, Notepad, Dreamweaver

Development Languages: HTML

Introducing... Colin Cheng

Colin has a long affiliation with the Internet, teaching himself HTML and web design when he was 11-years-old. Over the years he has designed and managed many websites, personal web pages and blogs. Upon graduating from university (studying English Language and Communication at King's College London) his first job was as a database administrator and online marketer for a web start-up. His current role is MintTwist's web marketing co-ordinator and is constantly striving to improve his SEO skills.

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