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Dario Simonetti


Full name: Dario Simonetti

Role: Web Developer

Joined the Team: November 2010


Quotation: I'm not Italian!

Browser: Chrome

PC or Mac: Seriously?

Software: Dreamweaver (web), Eclipse (Java), Qt Creator (Qt), CodeLite (C++), STS (Spring)

Development Languages: PHP / JavaScript / C++ / Java / C / ADA / Assembly

Introducing... Dario Simonetti

Dario is a Swiss guy that joined MintTwist to improve his English and do some working experience in the web field. After a four-year apprenticeship in computer science at Schindler Electronics SA (Schindler Group), he concluded the SUPSI (University of Applied Sciences of Southern Switzerland) with excellent grades obtaining the Bachelor in Computer Engineering. Despite his seven-years experience in web and databases, this is not the thing that he wants to do in his life. In fact he prefers technical fields where math is applied to the software. He will work at MintTwist until the end of June 2011, and he will probably join the MIT on September 2011 to continue his studies and obtain a Master in Software Engineering.

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