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GITEX 2011, Dubai - Day 3

Day 3 started how day 2 ended with Saad smashing glasses, this time in the comfort of our bathroom - it's fast becoming the story of our time at GITEX.  Nevertheless Day 3 started well with the sweets finally in their shiney new glass home and they are already proving to be a hit.

Our enhanced MintTwist stand

Updated MintTwist Stand

As you can see, the new pull-up banner on the left makes the stnad feel complete. 

The new secret weapon

MIntTwist Web Design Sweets

The sweets really do seem to be doing the trick as we have had a huge response today.  We have had amazing conversations with companies from Oman, Saudi, Kuwait, Lebanon, Iran, France, USA, Egypt, UAE, Pakistan, Bangladesh, India and Bahrain.  It is very exciting to see how people are reacting to MintTwist and our services.

1st Year Anniversary

We sent Saad off home to his wife a little early today as it was their 1st wedding anniversary.  Hopefully he takes her somewhere nice for dinner!

Greg and I continue to hammer home the MintTwist message to all passers by and by 5pm we are attracting quite a crowd.  It seems crowds draw bigger crowds and before we know it it is the end of the day and time to pack up.

We had dinner at Wild Peeta, which us an Arabic version of Subway, but serving delicious Shawarmas. Whilst there we saw evidence that social media is being well embraced in the UAE. Wild Peeta have a live Twitter feed, @WildPeeta, on their restaurant wall, which we posted on about the top quality of the Shawarmas, but would have liked a little more chilli. 2 minutes later our tweet had been replied to and we were being given extra chilli sauce - a very nice touch!!

We are off for a beer, see you all tomorrow.

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