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GITEX 2011, Dubai - Day 4

It was a cracking start to the day with an explosion of interest at the MintTwist stand.  This included Chang, a friend of Greg's, who popped by to visit us and we ended up having a great chat about a project he had been conceiving for some time.  Mum's the word for now but all will be revealed in good time.

The traffic continued to flow and the number of business cards we were collecting in our pot was increasing by the hour.  Our target was looking very realistic and would make the show a huge success.

Marketing Effort Pays Off

Our strategy of handing out mints to passers by paid off big time this afternoon. I offered one to a chap who was slowly wandering past and ended up having a long chat with him.  It turns out he owned 27 companies and needs help with the online presence for all of them. As he walked away he said "Thank you so much guys.  I really like what you are doing. You will not regret giving me this mint!"

The only downside to this strategy is that our original purchase of 4 big bags of mints is now almost gone.  This would prove to be a disaster if we couldn't re-stock for tomorrow.

Mint Hunt

Shortly after the GITEX Exhibition closed at 7pm we rushed back to the appartment to get changed and then hit the road on a mission.  We had to replenish the mints before morning. They were working so well on the stand it was impossible to imagine working without them on Wednesday. 

We tried a few local supermarkets first and then a large Spinneys.  They all carried mints, but not the brand that we were using.  Only one thing for it, a hike back to the same Carefour where we purchased the first 4 bags.  Thanks to Saad's 'excellent' driving the journey literally flew by and we soon had 4 more bags in our posession.  Now we could sleep easy, but first dinner.

Loosen that belt

Saad took us to a restaurant which he and Elliott had visited on a previous MintTwist visit to the region and it did not disappoint. The huge platter of food had us seated for over 2 and a half hours as the conversation took a politcal turn.  We resolved a fair few of the current world issues before heading back to the appartment for a quick beer and a good nights sleep. 

Catch you on the flip side.

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