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GITEX 2011, Dubai - Day 5

The heat is back to the same level as it was at the start of the week - a cool 36 degrees.

Day 5 has been another interesting day for MintTwist at GITEX. We've had many great conversation about digital marketing, most interestingly how UAE/ GCC countries are now embracing social media. It looks as if the companies out here are finally ready to get stuck into all aspects of social media marketing.

There have been many highlights to the day - mainly surrounding our distribution of mints. Yet another company, Xerox this time, promised that we would not regret MintTwist's 'Smiles for Mints' campaign. Panasonic have definitely been the biggest benefactors of this scheme so far, we've keeping their 100 strong workforce well supplied with minty fresh breath - a meeting with the CEO has been promised in return! 

Side Splitting

Well worth noting was Greg's trouser splitting moment. Whilst bending over to pick up spilled mints a tear in an unfortunate place in his trousers was made - needless to say a change of suit was required. Our onsite location proved to be a beneficial once again in a quick turnaround in attire - no photos I'm afraid!

We had many great conversations in the afternoon. UK, UAE and GCC clients alike seem very keen to work with us and very impressed with our 2 step approach to digital marketing. Inshallah we'll be able to meet with these companies in the coming weeks and do some business with them.

To infinity and beyond

The evening consisted of a trip to the world's tallest building, followed by the biggest aquarium, the fattest burger and finally the most expensive chocolate - some lucky ladies are in for a treat when we get back to London.

The day ended with a 5 minute power meeting about how we can take everything we've done and learned at GITEX and apply it to the UK and Gulf markets - exciting times ahead.

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