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GITEX 2011, Dubai - Day 6

We got an early start today as it was going to be the busiest of the exhibition.  We had a call with Abu Dhabi Men’s College (ADMC) at 8am to clarify the current position of the large tender that we have been invited to be a part of.  They were happy to hear from us and reported that everything was on track for next month.  Good news as we are very excited about the potential of working with them again.

Men on a mission

We also had to hand deliver a tender document which Elliott had prepared in the UK office earlier in the week.  Luckily for the UAE team, the office of the parent company was based a short (but balmy) 20 min walk from our apartment.  Greg and Saad set off with the package whilst I made my way over to our stand to make a start on writing up our findings from the exhibition.

The findings were proving to be interesting.  We have learned a great deal about the market and even revealed a few surprises which I feel will put us ahead of the competition.

Minty for your thoughts?

We had to step up our game if we were to hit our business card target today so we were thankful of the 4 new bags of mints – as you know by now, these have been the key to our success.

It was a slow start at the show though and visitors were hard to come by.  We took the opportunity to have a good walk through the rest of the exhibits and it was clear that little or no one was working the show like we were.

Back at base things were picking up and some extremely good leads were popping by.  It was becoming clear that our target was in sight and delirium took over us as we handed out the last of our mints.  The spare packet would be making its way back to the UK for the London team to sample. 

The 5pm buzzer sounded and that was it, GITEX was over for another year.  We quickly packed up the stand and struggled back to the apartment with our hands full.  We treated ourselves to a well-earned couple of hours downtime before heading out for a bite to eat prior to a big strategy session this evening.

Situation Room

Currently we are all sat around the dining room table typing up our notes from the conference and digitising the 200 business cards we had valiantly collected in the last 5 days.  All this was happening to the delightful sound of Saad singing along to Rihanna, Jay Z and Oh Carol.  If only they had a UAE X-Factor..

The beginnings of the new UAE pricing model has taken shape and, as of now, it is in effect.  More on this soon.

We are all off for a celebratory swim in the pool – it is 11pm and still 32 degrees.  Night all.

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