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Our Standards

Web Standards

Important points to understand to achieve measurable, quality results.

W3C Standards

W3C standards lay down the laws of the Internet for how to code a perfect site.

A website that adheres to W3C standards will be more likely to work in multiple browsers, multiple monitors, mobile devices, which means you get to reach a wider audience.

It will also be smiled upon by Google and accordingly highly ranked by the search engines, meaning you will get more visitors to your website.


A website that adheres to W3C standards  will be accessible through Internet tools and devices such as screen readers (which enable visually impaired users to access your website) which means you can reach all of your potential customers.

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Testimonial: Dunns Bakery
I came to MintTwist for the creation of our first website. At the time we were very keen to hand over most of the decision making to someone who could be trusted. Since the initial build and design MintTwist has continually maintained our website. We have also used them for the purchase and installation of computers & staff training. MintTwist has contributed to the continuing success of my business and I heartily recommend them.
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