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Conflict International

MintTwist designed the first website for Conflict International when the business had just started back in 2007.

Location: Europe, United Kingdom
Sector: Corporate and Law

Conflict International project overview

Conflict International is a private investigation company formed to supply a professional investigation service to blue chip companies, law firms and private individuals.

The Campaign

  • MintTwist designed the first website for Conflict International when the business had just startedback in 2007. Through the ongoing website updates service, Conflict have never had to re-designtheir website – it has simply evolved to stay at the leading edge of the latest available and mostrelevant design trends and website functionality.
  • Conflict are investing in MintTwist’s full service digital marketing campaign. Full multi-channeldigital marketing including SEO, Content Marketing, Email Marketing and Social Media Marketing foran all-inclusive price of £2. 2K per/month.

What we did

  • MintTwist designed simple but effective branding guidelines and applied them to the company literature and website. The site reflects the sensitive and professional nature of the company and generates a significant number of leads.
  • Create a company image which reflects the audience that the business was trying to attract. The website was then to be based around the new branding guidlines.

The results

  • Conflict have grown their young business from a small start-up (£400k turnover) that won its workexclusively through personal contacts and by working as an outsource provider to larger agencies tobe one of the number one agencies of its kind in the UK and to a turnover in excess of £5m. Theyhave done this using MintTwist’s full digital marketing package as its sole means of marketing.
  • Conflict get 10’s of enquiries per/month from new corporate clients as a result of their digitalmarketing campaign. Enquiries are warm and engaged having understood the offering and benefitsthrough the relevant digital communication. They are all enquiries they would otherwise neverreceive.
  • Conflict’s brand identity and ‘online sentiment score’ has shot to an impressive “93% positive” (50%is viewed as ‘industry neutral’).
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Added on 27th April, 2010

Locations: Europe, United Kingdom

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