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IBB Solicitors

MintTwist designed, developed and implemented IBB large website and sophisticated integrated Content Management System

Location: Europe, London

IBB Solicitors project overview

IBB Solicitors is a leading West London and Buckinghamshire solicitors law firm providing a wide range of services to corporates, privately-held businesses, high-net-worth individuals and the local community.

The Campaign

  • IBB put their website project out to tender. After short-listing MintTwist, they decided to selectthem because of their “Impressive full service credentials”. Knowing that digital marketing,software application development and digital consultancy would be crucial ongoing requirementsthis was a key factor for the business.
  • MintTwist designed, developed and implemented their large website and sophisticated integratedContent Management System before training the large number of staff that would be engaged incontent maintenance / management (i.e. large numbers of lawyers publishing specialised articlesand papers through the site).
  • Once completed, IBB immediately engaged MintTwist to run a full digital marketing campaign, PPC(Google ad word campaign) and run a continuing website system development support project (toslowly develop and implement new functionality and features to the site).

What we did

  • Design and build a new website that would bring the image of the firm up to date.
  • Developing a platform for IBB to improve their SEO and other web marketing activities.
  • Creat a more modern, well-structured site that allows to firm to engage in more online marketing activities and support other business development initiatives.

The results

  • IBB’s website visitors increased by over 100% in less than 12-months.
  • Average page views, time on site and bounce rate (indicators of how ‘interested’ visitors are) allstrongly improved.
  • IBB receive more than double the average number of monthly enquiries than they had donepreviously.
  • The conversion (into real customers) of web based enquiries has gone up by 3x(indicating that the new enquiries are more targeted than they were previously).
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Added on 15th June, 2010

Locations: Europe, London

Tags: Web marketing, Web design, Web development

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    When we were searching for a company to work with us on the creation of our online business we wanted to select a local company who could be involved in the business planning stages to help point us in the right direction. We selected MintTwist as they were knowledgeable, friendly, creative and competitive!