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MintTwist worked with Shots to develop their website - no easy task! With thousands of page views a day and countless videos and users, developing this epic site was a serious challenge that MintTwist relished!

Sector: Publishing and Media project overview

Shots is the world’s leading commercials magazine, published by Emap. It features news and inspiration on the latest commercials, campaigns, creators and agencies.

The brief

  • Enhance the experience for visitors by creating a more sophisticated frontend
  • Create a content management system (CMS) so Emap can easily update the site and manage the data
  • Create a directory management system for subscribers
  • Integrate a video management system

What we did

  • Redesigned the site inline with the requirements and the magazine’s new brand
  • Developed the frontend and integrated it into the custom-made CMS
  • Migrated data from the existing system into the new CMS
  • Developed the interface for video, adverts and subscriber management
  • Developed the site so it was fully optimised for search engines

The result

  • A more modern look and feel that matches the offline brand
  • Users are more engaged with the site as it easy to browse and can be searched more intuitively
  • Provides the user with more relevant content through their journey, e.g. Related videos
  • Emap staff can update and manage the site quickly and more efficiently
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Added on 5th May, 2011

Locations: Europe, United Kingdom, London

Tags: Web development, Web design

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