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Digital Marketing: A holistic Approach to Organic SEO, Social Network, Content, Email and Conversion Marketing


Significantly increase revenues and secure sustainable future sales channels for your business by running an ongoing, managed Digital Marketing campaign.


  • Fully managed multi-lingual Digital Marketing campaigns by experts in London, Paris, Lisbon and Dubai
  • A tailored campaign that makes the most of all in-house resources to maximise output with minimum cost
  • A managed service that makes the most of one fixed monthly budget across all available digital channels
  • Fast campaign set up
  • Total transparency
  • Flat monthly management fees
  • Flexible contract terms
  • Campaigns to suit your marketing budget
  • Measurable and Maximised ROI
  • Regular communication and formal monthly reports

Social Media Marketing

Monitoring and engaging relevant potential customers via (created) social media profiles that appropriately represent your business brand.  Drive new sales, build brand awareness and increase customer communication with Social Network Marketing.


Increase the number of target visitors landing on the website(s) through targeting and achieving page 1 result for high value, high relevance and high intent key phrases.  Drive more new potential customers to relevant areas of the website so that they turn into more new real world customers.

Content Marketing

Engaging, relevant and key-phrase rich content (video, info-graphics, articles etc.) aimed at relevant customers, syndicated throughout relevant locations on the web.  Useful, relevant multi-media information is a valuable marketing commodity that builds brand identity and drives new business.

Email Marketing

Email campaigns that send relevant messages and content to target customer groups can also provide detailed insights into user actions including anonymously reporting on click-through and open rates down to user level.  Drive more new sales enquiries with email marketing.

Conversion Marketing

Google analytics analysis that ensures continuous optimisation of the customer conversion rate.  Website design, content, graphical and multi-media enhancements that will mean there is no need to redesign the website ever again!

How to get started?

Digital Marketing services from MintTwist are risk free.  During the first month of the campaign, MintTwist will research all available digital marketing opportunities, competition as well as analysing the effectiveness of the website and any existing digital channels.  All findings along with a complete associated campaign plan will all be presented at the end of the first month of the campaign.

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