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Online Advertising: Google AdWords and Facebook Advertising

Drive targeted and high converting visitors to your website with Google AdWords and Facebook advertising. Target the most relevant users and only pay when your adverts are clicked.


  • Fully managed by multi-lingual online advertising experts in London, Paris, Lisbon and Dubai
  • The perfect blend of Google and Facebook Advertising for your Business
  • Google accredited campaign managers
  • Fast campaign set up
  • Total transparency
  • Flat monthly management fees
  • Flexible contract terms
  • Campaigns to suit your marketing budget
  • Measurable and Maximised ROI

What are Google AdWords?

Google AdWords, also known as Pay per click (PPC), are where you, the advertiser, only pay when a potential customer clicks on your advert.  Your advert will appear on Google’s search engine results pages (SERPs) when a user searches on a specific keyword or term that is related to your product or service.  Because you’re engaging with targeted customers who have already entered the buying cycle, PPC is a highly effective and non-interruptive way to drive relevant traffic to your website.

What is Facebook Advertising?

Facebook advertising allows you target profiles based on certain demographics and interests, rather than targeting keywords. It drives targeted, relevant clicks to your website. With more than 750 million users worldwide, Facebook is a great channel for branding and direct return.  Facebook advertising is based on a CPM and CPC pricing model.


With MintTwist’s Online Advertising service clicks from your facebook adverts can be directed to your website or your Facebook Fan page. The adverts are continuously  usually appear on profile pages, games and apps.

Tracking can be added to your destination URL’s so that your return on investment can be monitored accordingly.

A Fully Managed Online Advertising Service

With MintTwist’s Online Advertising service you can measure exactly what you’re getting for your marketing spend. MinTwist will constantly fine-tune and optimise the campaign to continuously achieve an outstanding ROI.  Monthly reporting and regular communication with online experts in London, Paris, Lisbon or Dubai will ensure that campaigns remain fully aligned with your evolving business objectives.  You set the budget, we do the rest!

Are you new to Online Advertising?
Contact our consultants at any of our offices and we will provide you with some guidance on how to get started. We can highlight expected clicks and estimated ROI for any monthly budget be it US$ 25,000 or US$1,000.


Already running Google AdWords or Facebook Advertising?
Contact our digital marketing consultants to get a free campaign health check. This audit will review account structure, keywords, match types, overall quality score etc. and will highlight the improvements we can bring to your account from our professionally managed service.


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