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Pay Per Click (PPC)

It’s all about the conversions

PPC can help your conversions

Whereas SEO is all about organic search engine growth, Pay Per Click (PPC) marketing should be viewed slightly differently.

The objectives of an SEO campaign are always to help grow the organic search ranking of your website. This means growing your online rankings in the relevant keyword/ keyphrase searches, increasing your exposure across multiple platforms and ultimately increasing the traffic to your site. PPC on the other hand should be seen as a completely different marketing strategy.   

For any PPC campaign a great deal of research is done into keyword analysis to help uncover which keywords work the best for you. Once we’ve identified some core keywords we can then begin to uncover some variations which might work for you.

Setting the budget

One of the beauties of any PPC campaign is that you can clearly define a budget and allocate a certain amount of money that you’re prepared to spend on PPC on either a daily, weekly or monthly basis.

MintTwist’s added value

MintTwist are highly experienced in setting up and running PPC campaigns. Our expert marketing team understand that by getting to the first paid position in search results can increase traffic levels by a significant amount.

Providing a clear Return on Investment (ROI) is our goal, so by teaming up with us we can not only help research which keywords will work for your business but also help write engaging and targeted copy as well as unique landing pages once your customers have clicked your ad.

Planning your PPC campaign

Step 1: Keyword research & analysus

Step 2: Choosing & grouping the right keywords for you

Step 3: Writing engaging advert copy

Step 4: Monitoring the campaign

Step 5: Ongoing weekly/ monthly analysis of the campaign

Ensuring a measurable ROI is paramount to any PPC campaign. Contact MintTwist to speak about how we can help you achieve your PPC goals. 

Detailed analysis, Targeted traffic - More conversions

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